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Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme

If you have reached our website whilst searching for information about the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme, whilst we can't accredit your organisation, as they just happened to have used our name as their acronym, we can help reduce your carbon footprint as part of your compliance.


E-payslips - We offer a payroll system independent e-payslip system reduces both costs (stationery, toner, postage) and environmental impact. It is available to those employees who wish to sign up to it rather than an all or nothing approach

Environmentally Friendly Payroll Service - Our Payroll service is delivered in an environmentally friendly way – where feasible we use email, portal or secured share drive as methods to receive client data and distribute payroll reports.

In the meantime, below is the link to the Government guidance on the energy saving opportunity scheme.

ESOS Guidance
new-iso-14001 new-iso-27001

We are ISO accredited.