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How can ESOS Help?

Passionate about Payroll, the ESOS team has over 250 years of Payroll experience and prides itself in delivering a service that is open and honest and realises that people are what business is all about. The organisation is totally approachable and adopts a solution driven attitude in dealings with customers.

Customer relationships are approached with a long-term point of view. ESOS aims to change and grow with its customers and provide the strategic support that is always needed in thriving and dynamic businesses.

The in-house team of payroll specialists are fully trained and regularly updated by Industry experts to make sure they are fully abreast of forthcoming changes to legislation that may have an effect on our processes or those of our clients.

The ESOS culture is one that sees board directors and senior managers involved at the sharp end of operations and as such decision-making, when issues do arise, is quick and uncomplicated. ESOS clients are offered unfettered access to the directors in a very straightforward manner.

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We are ISO accredited.