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Recruitment Payroll

Processing payroll for approximately 25,000 temporary workers on a weekly basis. The payroll week starts on Monday when the first extracts arrive. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are busier due to meeting the BACS deadline.

Outside of processing payrolls, a variety of queries are dealt with.

Support Desk

ESOS Support Desk provide and manage the IT and Telecommunications infrastructure for the group. This ranges from PCs and mobile phones through to servers and data lines.

We have a system that will track your issues and have an online knowledge base of common computer questions and act as a bridge to other teams in the business.


ESOS IT incorporates the Development , Application Support, Management Information  and Network departments.

These Departments backup the Support Desk.

Responsibilities include maintenance of firewall and connectivity. Developing of programs to assist with day to day operations.  Advice on ways to improve / use  software solutions in place and the production of management reporting.

Projects Office / CGI

The Projects Office is responsible for ensuring all new requests meet the standards laid out by the business.  They do this in conjunction with the CGI (Compliance, Governance and Improvement) team, who are tasked with assisting the Company and all departments fulfill their requirements with regards to compliance and best practice for both internal and external customers.

ISO 14001

ISO 27001